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Invited Conferences and Workshops

Profil force-vitesse-puissance individuel en saut et sprint: concepts, méthodes, applications. Fédération Française de Basketball, Colloque Performance Préparation Physique, June 2021. 🇫🇷

Individual training for sprint performance based on the force-velocity profile: why? what, how?. IUSCA Virtual Conference, August 2021.🌐 LINK 🎥

Jump and sprint force-velocity individual profile. Online Conference, Expomotricidad 2021, Universidad de Antioqua, Novembre 2021.🇨🇴

Force-velocity analysis in sprinting: Methods and applications. Online Conference, European Athletics High Performance Webinar Series, May 2021.🌐 🎥

The “in-situ” acceleration-speed profile for team sports Part 2: Applications. Online Conference, GPEXE Webinar, 17 May 2021.🌐 LINK🎥

“Sprint-specific heavy resistance training for performance and prevention”, 6th Annual Conference in Sports Sciences, University of Athens Faculty of Sports and Physical Education; Athens, 27 June 2021.🌐🇬🇷

“Sprint running mechanics”, Webinar – ASPETAR Sports Medicine Collection Online Forum Series “Training Methods and Assessment”; 2 February 2021.🌐🇶🇦 LINK🎥

Social media for academics: good practice and experience, LIBM Webinar, 2 December 2020.🌐 LINK🎥

The “in-situ” sprint mechanics profile for team sports: testing players without testing them. Online Conference, GPEXE Webinar, 2 August 2020.🌐 LINK🎥

“Force” assessment in sprinting: past, present and future. Online Conference, ISBS Biomechanics Lecture Series, 24 Juin 2020.🌐 LINK🎥

Individual mechanical sprint profiling for performance and injury prevention. Online Conference, Cambio di Campo, 1 may 2020.🌐 LINK🎥 in italiano (🇮🇹)

Science and field methods for sprint kinetic force- and load-velocity profiling: advantages, methodology, limitations. Online Conference, 1080Motion, 24 April 2020.🌐 LINK🎥

Sprint and Jump diagnostics for individualised speed training. Workshop BSP Bruxelles, Belgique, 1-2 February 2020.🇧🇪

Sprint and Jump diagnostics for individualised speed training. Workshop BSPA Fortsbildungsakademie, Vienna, Austria, 16-17 Novembre 2019.🇦🇹

Individual force-velocity-power profile for performance and injury management. NSCA Coaches Conference, San Antonio, TX, 9 January 2020. 🇺🇸

Sprint acceleration: shifting gears from individual performance to hamstring injury management. Running Injuries and Performance Symposium 2019. Sports Surgery Clinic, Dublin, Ireland, 9 Novembre 2019. 🇨🇮

Force-Velocity-Power individual profile for jump-sprint performance and injury management. Athletik-Konferenz 2019. Koln, Germany, 7 septembre 2019. 🇩🇪

Keynote and Workshop: Individualised sprint mechanical profiling for soccer players performance and injury management. Dutch Football Federation, Nederland, 27 February 2019 . 🇱🇺

Force, Velocity and Power in Jumping and Sprinting: new concepts, methods and applications”. Loughborough University, UK, 11 May 2019 . 🇬🇧

Measuring Force, Velocity and Power in Jumping and Sprinting: new concepts, new methods, new perspectives”. Middlesex University, London UK, 9 March 2019 . 🇬🇧

Importance of sprint biomechanics in the management of hamstring injuries. Colloque Kinésport – Lésions musculaires, Paris, France 14-15 January 2019. 🇫🇷

Keynote : “Force” as a determinant of sport performance: what? how? why?. Simposio de Fuerza. Madrid, Spain, 15 December 2018.🇪🇸

Keynote : Force-Velocity-Power profiling. 11th International Conference on Strength Training. Perth, Australia, 1 December 2018.🇦🇺

Sprint resisted and assisted training: What? Why? How. Theoretical and practical session. Speedworks Training Workshop. Loughborough, 10 November 2018. 🇬🇧

The Challenge of assessing human performance : example of sprint running biomechanics. Annual Congress of the Faculty of Sport Science, University of Basque country. Vitoria, 28 septembre 2018. 🇪🇸

Force-Velocity Profile : from theory to practice. Strength in Team Sports – FC Barcelona Innovation Hub. Barcelona, 10 octobre 2018. 🇪🇸

Performance follow-up in high-level rugby union players. 1stConference on Sciences & Rugby, French Rugby Federation. Marcoussis, France 23 june 2018. 🇫🇷

A voir ici:

Determinants of running performance : from 100-m to 100-km. University of Liège, Belgium. 6 May 2018. 🇧🇪

Strength for performance in football: What the Force?. PSG Performance Summit, Paris, 14 May 2018. 🇫🇷 Slides available HERE

Conference and workshop: A laboratory in your pocket, simple field methods for sports training. In: Annual Congress of Athletics National coaches « Atleticamente 2017 », Italian Athletics Federation. Padova, Italy. 11-12 Novembre 2017. 🇮🇹

Force-Velocity-Power profiling for performance and injury management. In « Rugby Football League Performance Conference », Leeds Beckett University. UK, 5 Septembre 2017. 🇬🇧

The critical role of hamstring in sprinting. In: « The 4th International Global Hamstring Project ».Barcelona, Spain, 24 Novembre 2017. 🇪🇸

Force-Velocity-Power profiling for individualized training and injury management: innovative concepts, field methods and applications. In: International Congress « X° Simposio de Fuerza ». Madrid, Spain, 16 Decembre 2017. 🇪🇸

Sprint Acceleration Mechanics and Performance: Understand, Evaluate, Improve. Speed for Sport Summit, Altis / B2Ten, Phoenix, Arizona, 6-8 April 2017. 🇺🇸

Sprint Force-Velocity-Power profiling for performance and injury management. International Symposium, European university of Madrid, Spain, 30 May 2017. 🇪🇸

Jump and sprint performance: the importance of individual force-velocity-power profiles. Innovative concepts, methods, applications. 2017 International Human Performance Summit. SouthWest Research Institute, San Antonio, Texas, 15-16 July 2017. 🇺🇸

Symposium : Injury prevention in athletics (track & field). Sportskongres 2017. Copenhagen, Denmark, 3 February 2017. 🇩🇰

Keynote : Using Sprint mechanical Profiling for Injury Prevention. 3° Congreso internacional de readaptación y prevención de lesiones en la actividad física y el deporte. Valencia, Spain, 28-29 January 2017. 🇪🇸

Keynotes : Biomechanics of sprint acceleration and Using Force-Velocity-Power profile for individualized sprint training. Atleticamente, National Conference of the Italian Athletics Federation. Padova, Italy, 12-13 November 2016. 🇮🇹

Masterclass: Speed and acceleration Masterclass. West Bromwich Albion football club. Birmingham, UK, 25 October 2016. 🇬🇧

Speed and acceleration. In: Conference of the World Rugby Science Network. Bath, UK, 14 September 2016. 🇬🇧

Biomeccanica della fase di accelerazione nello sprint. In: 13° Convegno Nazionale di Medicina e Scienze dello Sport. Saronno, Italy, 16 April 2016. 🇮🇹

Sprint performance : training and injury prevention. Speedworks professional workshop, Lee Valley Athletics Center, London, 27 June 2016. 🇬🇧

Sprint performance and mechanics. Olympic Trainign Center Workshop, Oslo, Norway, 2 June 2016. 🇳🇴

KEYNOTE: Force-velocity-power profiling for performance and injury management. 4th International Congress on Team Sports, Univerity Pablo de Olavide, Seville, Spain, 19-20 february 2016. 🇪🇸

The Biomechacnis of Sprint Running. Congress « Peak Performance : Research and Innovation in Sport and Life », Udine, Italy, December 11, 2015. 🇮🇹

Acceleration mechanics. 25th Congress of the Italian Soccer S&C Coaches Association, Torino, Italy, June 12, 2015. 🇮🇹

Keynote and Workshop: Force-velocity-power profiling in soccer : field methods, performance, injury management. 1st Football Medical Conference, Athletic Club Bilbao, Bilbao, Spain, April 16-18, 2015. 🇪🇸

Keynote : Sprint acceleration performance : New concepts, new methods, new perspectives. 10th Annual Conference of the UK Strength and Conditioning Association (UKSCA), Warwickshire (UK), July 20, 2014. 🇬🇧

Biomécanique et performance en sprint: Christophe Lemaitre, l’exception qui change la règle ? 1er Colloque Guy Namurois, University of Liege, Belgium, February 22, 2014. 🇧🇪

Sports biomechanics : Injury Prevention in sprinting and Jumping. I Jornadas Internacionales de Prevencion de Lesiones en el Deporte. UCAM, Murcia, Spain, March 13-15, 2014. 🇪🇸

Acceleration mechanics and force-velocity profiles in soccer. 1st Seminar S&C in high-level soccer, Tunis, Tunisia, December 9, 2013. 🇹🇳

Keynote: Sprint running mechanics and training : New concepts, new perspectives. Sports Performance Research Institute NZ, Strength and Conditioning Conference, Auckland, New-Zealand, Novembre 14, 2013. 🇳🇿

Workshop: Force-Velocity profiling in sprint and jump. Sports Performance Research Institute NZ, Strength and Conditioning Conference, Auckland, New-Zealand, Novembre 15, 2013. 🇳🇿

Sprint acceleration mechanics. Annual conference of the S.L.U.C Nancy, Nancy, France, November 8, 2013. 🇫🇷

The use of an instrumented treadmill for monitoring running performance an injury prevention. ASPETAR Sports Medicine Hospital, Doha, Qatar, February 6, 2013. 🇶🇦

Sprint biomechanics: new insights, new concepts, new applications. Association of Catalunya Athletics coaches. Barcelona, November 24, 2013. 🇪🇸

Oral Presentations in International Congress

Only first author/speaker communications are listed

Samozino P, Jiménez-Reyes P, Morin J-B. Force-Velocity-Power profiling: from theory to field methods and training applications. INVITED SYMPOSIUM. 23rd Congress of the European College of Sport Science, Dublin (Ireland), 4-7 July. Oral.

Edouard P, Morin J-B. Preventing hamstring muscle injuries by sprint acceleration performance evaluation: What? How? When?. IOC World Conference on Prevention of Injury & Illness in sport, Monaco, 16-18 March, Workshop.

See the online presentation here:

Morin J-B, Edouard P, Gimenez P, Arnal P, Jimenez-Reyes P, Samozino P, Mendiguchia J, Brughelli M. Sprint acceleration mechanics: the role of hamstring muscles in horizontal ground reaction force production. 25th Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics, Glasgow (Scotland), 12 -16 July, Oral.

Morin J-B, Willwacher S. Sprint acceleration mechanics. 33rd Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics in Sports, Poitiers (France), 29 June -3 July, Applied session.

Morin J-B. Running : new insights into sprint mechanics. World Congress of Biomechanics, Invited Symposium. Boston, MA, 6-11 July 2014.

Morin J-B, Bourdin M, Edouard P, Peyrot N, Samozino P. Sprint running mechanics: a case study of a world-class athlete. 17th Congress of the European College of Sport Science, Bruges (Belgium), 4 -7 July. Oral.

Morin J-B, Samozino P, Edouard P, Tomazin K. Sprint fatigue affects the technical ability of force application. 58th Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine. Denver (CO), 31 May- 4 June 2011. Oral.

Morin J-B, Jeannin T, Belli A. A simple method for field assessement during running. 8th Congress of the European College of Sport Science, Salzburg (Austria), 9-12 July. Oral.
AWARD “Young Investigator Award”: 3rd place

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