Other Publications

In addition to scientific papers, Blog posts and interviews, I have published or collaborated to other publications including non-indexed Journals, Newspapers and Magazines, or books. Here is a non-exhaustive list with links to download.


Giacomo JP, Lahti J, Hegyi A, Gerus P, Morin J-B. A new testing and training device for hamstring muscle function. Sports Performance Science Reports. December, 9, 2018. READ

Edouard P, Mendiguchia J, Guex K, Lahti J, Samozino P, Morin J-B. Sprinting: a potential vaccine for hamstring injury?. Sports Performance Science Reports. January, 13, 2019. READ

Delaney JA, Olson TM, Morin J-B. Sprint acceleration mechanical profiling for the NFL draft. Sports Performance Science Reports. May 27, 2018. READ

Morin J-B, Samozino P. Silence, on tourne. Applications smartphone pour l’entrainement. Sport et Vie, 159 (nov-dec.2016): 56-61. (🇫🇷) LIRE

Edouard P, Samozino P, Mendiguchia J, Morin J-B. The Force-Velocity Mechanical Profile in Sprint Running: Perspectives in Hamstring Muscle Injury Follow-Up and Prevention. New Studies in Athletics, IAAF, 2016. READ

Giandolini M, Pavailler S, Samozino P, Morin J-B, Horvais N. Foot strike pattern and impact continuous measurements during a trail running race : proof of concept in a world-class athlete. Footwear Science, 7(2):127-137. 2015 READ

Morin J-B, Edouard P, Samozino P. New insights into sprint biomechanics and determinants of elite 100m performance. New Studies in Athletics, IAAF, 2014 READ

Edouard P, Morin J-B, Samozino P. Injuries in combined events : epidemiological data on youth and national championships. New Studies in Athletics, IAAF, 2014  READ

Edouard P, Morin J-B, Samozino P. Maximal lower extremity power output changes during a decathlon. New Studies in Athletics, IAAF, 2014  READ

Bury V, Morin J-B. Décrypter sa foulée, l’analyse biomécanique pour mieux progresser. Jogging International, 351: 44-46. 2013 (🇫🇷) LIRE

Morin J-B. Sprint running mechanics: new technology, new concepts, new perspectives. Aspetar Sports Medicine Journal, 2(3): 326-332. 2013 READ

Morin J-B. Mais qu’est-ce qui fait courir Christophe ? Sport et Vie, 133 (July-Aug.2012): 26-31. 2012. (🇫🇷) LIRE

Morin J-B, Samozino P. Les dessous de la puissance. Sport et Vie, 122 (sept.2010): 44-51.  2010 (🇫🇷)  LIRE

Morin J-B. Mesure directe de la puissance lors du sprint en course à pied. Santé Athlé, Juillet 2010 (🇫🇷) LIRE

Edouard P, Morin J-B, Celli F, Celli Y, Edouard P. Dropouts in combined events. New Studies in Athletics, IAAF, 24(4): 63-68. 2009

Morin J-B. Etude des paramètres mécaniques de la performance en sprint sur 100m chez des athlètes entraînés. Revue de l’Association des Entraîneurs Français d’Athlétisme, juillet: 27-30. 2003 (🇫🇷) LIRE



Morin J-B, Samozino P, Editors. Biomechanics of Training and testing. Springer. 2018

Morin J-B & Samozino P. Strength tracking and analysis. NSCA’s Essentials of Sport Science. 2020

Morin J-B, McMillan S. Speed Training. High-performance training for sports – 2nd Edition. 2021

Jimenez-Reyes P, Contreras B, Morin J-B. Speed and acceleration training. Advanced strength and conditioning. An evidence-based approach. 2018

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